Add Social Networking Services to your Business

By engaging customers and partners with interactive community tools - through use of public message boards, e-mail, chat rooms, polls, surveys, microblogs, etc. - businesses can build stronger customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, tap market knowledge, and provide invaluable feedback. Facebook is great for the general public, but what about Facebook for business? If you need a Facebook clone, or Twitter for business, or a corporate Social Network you've come to the right place.

Businesses are looking to add Social Networking on their sites to:

  • Build stronger customer relationships - Online communities help companies create and maintain a two-way dialogue with their best customers. Companies can use a social website to understand and respond to their wants and needs on an ongoing basis.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty - Reports show that community members are more loyal to and remain customers of an e-business 50 percent longer than people who choose not to join these virtual collaborative marketplaces.
  • Tap Market knowledge - A Social Community provides an important source of consumer feedback on products and services, allow examination of trends, and learn more about the behavior of customers. Forget about commissioning expensive marketing research, Social networking is an opportunity to engage a real live focus group.
  • Valuable Content - The postings to discussion groups, chat room conferences, feedback to management, and the data created by the routine use of the social web, all creates more value for members.
  • Viral Marketing - Social networking communities bring a company closer to loyal customers or partners who strongly identify with a product or service, putting their energy and enthusiasm to helping build a business faster.
  • Knowledge Sharing – Social networking software provides a cost-effective method for information sharing.
  • Realize Cost savings - Leveraging chat and discussion forum technology for technical support can result in significant manpower cost savings.
  • Cost Effective Content Strategy - A Social network generates its own relevant and authentic content. Member-generated content includes such things as postings of text, images, and sounds by members, polls and ratings, and shared best practices.
  • Increase E-Commerce Revenue. CD-Now has found that return visitors buy 150 percent more product than first-time visitors. According to Forrester Research, members of a community are 36% more likely to buy than non-members.
  • Engage customers - Forty percent of visitors to a web site want to connect with other visitors to discuss the site’s content, services, and products, according to Jupiter Communications

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